iXblue ultimate-performance Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG)
At the heart of iXblue inertial navigation systems is our ultimate performance Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG): an extremely high performance rotation sensing device based on the Sagnac effect, a relativistic effect discovered at the beginning of the 20th century.
A fiber-optic gyroscope uses optical waves propagating in a fiber-optic coil to accurately measure a rotation rate.
This apparently simple design takes full advantage of the reciprocity principle in the propagation of light which enables a perfect device to be created from imperfect components. Since a fiber-optic gyroscope is a completely passive device with no mechanical dithering, no sealed cavity and no high voltage discharge, FOG have unrivalled lifetime and reliability as well as very low power consumption.
iXblue ultimate performance FOGs are the result of more than 30 years of research and development, and they address the most demanding applications and performance from 0.1 deg/h to 0.0001 deg/h.
Advantages of iXblue FOG technology
  • True Solid State Technology (no movement or vibration)
  • No preventive maintenance
  • Very high reliability (FOG MTBF > 500 000h)
  • No life time limit
  • Very low measurement noise
  • Very precise resolution
  • Very high bandwidth
  • Free of ITAR components
  • Qualified technology for space application


Fig 1 – iXblue FOG technology performs better than other competitors technology >
 tested for space application   

Some orders of magnitude

  • Measurement angular rate: 500 degrees/second
  • FOG accuracy: 0.01 to 0.0001 degree/hour
  • Ratio between dynamics and accuracy: about 10^9
NB: Earth rotation rate = 15 degrees/hour, i.e. 4.2 10^-3 degrees/second

Full mastery of technology:
unique position going from the sensor to the complete integration
The development of FOG technology at iXblue started 30 years ago.
Since then, iXblue has been granted several key patents on the design of ultimate performance Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes and has progressively fully integrated the design and manufacturing process of FOGs.
Today iXblue directly masters and controls the full chain of key technological FOG components from the manufacturing of the fiber and integrated optical circuit to coil winding and the optical integration of components (iXblue photonics).
Thanks to iXblue full in house mastery of all fiber-optic gyroscope key components along with advanced modeling of potential environmental sensitivity, iXblue fiber-gyros are insensitive to temperature changes and magnetic perturbations as well as resistant to extreme shocks and vibrations.

Due to its inherent low random noise and its scalability, iXblue FOG technology is one of the very few technologies able to cope with the applications requiring the highest performance. The FOG technology is seen by US experts as the only technology in the future able to replace the mechanical gyroscopes used for SSBN (Sub-Surface Ballistic Nuclear).

SPACE application qualified 
IXblue FOG technology has been chosen by the French space agency (CNES) for high performance Earth-observation Pléiades satellites.
Free of ITAR components
IXBlue FOG technology has been chosen by the European Space Agency (ESA) as the European ITAR-free technology for high performance applications.
As of 2015 iXBlue has delivered more than 10,000 high performance fiber-optic gyroscopes.

FOG-based inertial systems manufactured by iXBlue are in operation all over the world for all kind of applications with the most severe requirements from Offshore operations at 6,000m depth to Space applications, and from defense to land survey applications.


Offshore construction, dredging


Naval defense


Land defense


Air and land survey


Marine survey

Test and simulation

Hydrography and ocean science